The Future Of Music | What To Do Next From Industry Experts

The Future Of Music | What To Do Next From Industry Experts

Today is a unique period in history, clearly. There have been many acts of radical movements that have resulted in turmoil and global responses. One of which, is the sports and music industry. 

When we were gearing up to launch our YouTube channel, racial injustice hit a wall. The world joined hands to put an end to police brutality, systemic racism, and other forms of social prejudices. We redirected our mission to report on this world’s new actions and to give some guidance on what to pay attention to.

Following a day of the media blackout, we decided to interview experts in the music industry about “The Future of Music. As we continue to get to the root of the issue and where the donations are actually going, here is some valuable insight to point us in the right direction.

This expert round up includes:

Roxana Maldovin | Latina Music Video Director | @senordirectora

DJ Malcom Xavier | DJ/Producer/Record Breaker | @malcolm_x

Angelo Torres | Director of A&R at Magnus Media (Latin/Reggeaton) | @angelitot

Mark Elibert | Journalist | Billboard and HipHopDX | @BlackDynamite91

WATCH BELOW | “The Future of Music


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Angelo Torres

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