Tony Thornton of Fitness N Sh*t Talks About His Life as Fitness Entrepreneur

Tony Thornton of Fitness N Sh*t Talks About His Life as Fitness Entrepreneur

We live in a world where fitness is a cool thing to talk about but few actually take action. Tony Thornton of “Fitness N Shit” is one of those entrepreneurs that not only took action but is laying a foundation for our future.

We were able to get a moment of Tony’s time for insight on his growth as a fitness entrepreneur. Take notes on his journey as he makes us remember that we are all human and anything is possible.

1) What influenced you to get started in the Fitness Industry?

I grew up playing sports at a young age! When I was getting recruited for college I was fortunate enough to experience strength coaches and trainers that elevated me to the next level. As I got older I wanted to be one of those people that got me athletically to where I needed. 

2) How do you motivate yourself and others day in and day out?

I believe in the “look good feel good” saying. And also keeping a routine! I love staying in the groove and staying organized with gym time and meals. I think that everyday should be better than the last so I try to push myself each and every day.

3) What is your favorite fitness brand and why?

LULULEMON because it’s the most comfortable athletic wear. They also make things that last! 

4) How do you go about acknowledging your most loyal followers?

I just make sure I keep in contact with them and follow up with them whenever they need anything! They were there from the beginning so try to stay consistent with communication with them.

5) What is a memorable moment that came from the success of “Fitness N Shit”? 

I think working with one of my best friends has been my favorite part even though we are so different this journey has made us closer.

6) What’s next for you and for Fitness N Shit?

We want to branch out and start doing online training for our clients so Jino would have 2 days and I would have 2 days. We have different styles of training and I think that’s why people love us and love to see what we do.