This is called a composition because we are students of life.

Composition – the act of combining parts or elements to form a whole. | A work of literature, music, or art | A short piece of writing done as a school exercise.

The Human Company is a campaign based media platform that provokes conscious conversations around Human Nature.

The projects and campaigns that HUMAN produce are thought-provoking or bring value. Each campaign, blog, segment, and film are made to bring excitement and start a conversation that makes us value each other and live on past its initial moment.

Our contributors create not to be forgotten but to create a legacy. We are a real voice for humanity and are looking at this opportunity for that voice to be heard. And for it to be heard, digested, then regurgitated to the ears that need to hear it.

Ears that we as a 3rd culture community trust to carry it out.

By 3rd Culture, I mean a culture where everyone is heard. Where morals derived from human nature take priority over the morals of division. That includes religion, politics, and areas of social or economic hierarchy systems. 

We have seen the good and bad of what our society’s morals have presented us. The good revolves around the fact that it inspires us to strive for more. For the passion to be great. What else are we doing on this planet anyway if we aren’t going to be great?

We would be naive to believe our morals don’t breed bad circumstances for our community. I often welcome it. Understand that it’s also human nature to appear bigger than what you are as a defense. Don’t worry, we’ll get to that in another campaign.

At HUMAN we are here to explain that no one is offended when things are called out. Call it how you see it. If you’re offended, then deal with it. To provoke change we must attack the status quo. Life is not easy but positivity and understanding get us through tough times. 

What is the meaning of Human Nature anyway? The definition of human nature claims that it is natural ways of behaving that most people share.

So, what are some of the “ways of behaving that we share”? We all swear, we all lust, we all want more money, we all want to travel the world, we all have different paths, but there is one thing about Human Nature that binds us all together. WE ARE ALL GOING TO DIE.

So let’s have fun while we do it! Here at The Human Company, we exchange ideas, we hear each other out, we learn, we have fun, we make money together, and most importantly, we live our lives by the morals that are inside us, not by what we are told.

Welcome to a new paradigm. This is going to be one amazing ride.